Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fort worth Baby shower!

Thanks to sister-in-laws, Kelly and Keli, Matt and I were thrown a wonderful last baby shower in fort worth last weekend. My mom was able to fly up to the special day! it was fast, but great!
we got so many nice baby gift, we couldn't be more grateful and the highlight was that precious baby foot cake! i loved it!!!

the cutest cake ever!

love me some of that punch!
ellie, wanting to get down.

with sweet carol!
sweet kisses

the anderson family!

keli and kelly, the hostess'

get it ellie!
granny with ellie!

mason and kelly bought one of my old paintings from college! thanks guys!

35 wks...

well, i'm 36 1/2 wks now. i guess i've been busy and hadn't posted these pics on time...but, matt was so patient with me, in his studio last weekend ( i am not the easiest subject, yikes! ) it's hard feeling confident, esp feeling as big as i feel. anyways, he knew i wanted to get some good pregnancy pictures and after some trial and error with me, he delivered. thank you my matty. i love you and am SO excited to have this baby with YOU by my side!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

weird dreams...

had a dream last night that i had my baby. he came out in only 3 pushes, i don't remember anything afterwards (for instance, no skin-to-skin!) and then i had to go fine him. some distant family member was holding him, actually it was a her, in the back of a dim room. i couldn't check out easily and the staff was really rude and then matt was never there, he was at a baseball game and didn't even tell me he was going and when i talked to him on the phone, it sounded like he 'wanted' to be there! yikes!
rest assured, when i told him about my dream this am, he said not to worry, he will NOT be at a baseball game the day after our little one is born!
oh, dreams...

Monday, May 23, 2011

fun pic matty took of me...

somebody's finally getting rest

poor thing, over the past few weeks, i think she's felt so bad, she's literally been sleep deprived...at least she is able to rest soundly now...stitches out last week and she is back to her old self, only skinnier. she is eating, drinking and using the bathroom now. not throwing up or twitching...we are so thankful. i am not convinced she's completely over whatever it is she had, b/c for the past 4 months, she's had episodes, nothing like this past few week, but, throwing up a lot, none the less...so we'll just wait and see when/if she does it again. i just don't know what i'll do if it comes back, by chance, right when our baby is born :/
thanks for thinking about her. we love her so much and can't believe we had to say goodbye almost two weeks ago, thinking we were going to never see her again, if they'd found the cancer.
so sad. she wants to meet the baby!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

34 week sono pics!

well, i deleted the previous post "baby measuring LARGE" for 2 reason, i'd had enough time to realize that the pic i posted of my huge looking belly was TMI, and if you missed it, good and secondly, b/c i just talked to the nurse and she said everything was perfectly normal. the baby weighed 5 lbs. 14 oz i think and the cm measurement was just larger than expected probably b/c baby was in a different position at that moment and threw it off.
glad i scheduled the sonogram when i did, so as not to have unnecessary worry.

anyways here are the pics we got to take home yesterday!
we still do not have a name for this little guy, btw... and i also can't believe i only have 5 weeks left!!! time is flying by. parker being sick has only made it that much faster cause i've had to attend to her so much of the time.
i still need to get several things done, to where i can feel "ready" if the baby decides to come early for some reason! i can't wait!
face...she said baby's not really in that great a position for pictures, but he is in a great position for birthing. i said, " man, i'm not worried about getting a great pic at this point. i'm just glad he's in a good birthing position!"
but this is his face. at the top of the screen, his eye is the dark spot and his cheek is just to the left and i believe his nose is the start of that white things right below his eye.
it's a cross section.
looking up at his nose and lips. the nose is in the middle of that black blob of space. you can make out his nostrils and his lips are below the nose. they are pointing at about 2 o'clock.
the bone going up to the heel is right in line with the "oo" on the word foot. and then the foot is pointing right toward about 4 o'clock.
BOY PARTS! our little man!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Watermark Baptism!

with friends from the apt that we used to line at: Kathy and Sarah!

well, it was a perfect day for the annual baptism at our church, Watermark! several hundred people decided to step up and make their dedication to following Christ, public and it was very encouraging and inspiring! so glad i was able to be there. matt was out of town, but i went early cause it was our week to serve. as i was walking in, I ran into an old high school friend who informed me she was getting baptised that day! so exciting! so i was able to hear her testimony and see her baptism, as well as snap a few pictures of her and her husband, Trey out in the water. i ran into so many friends that day, too, which was wonderful! we're usually all spread out throughout 3 Sunday service times, so you usually don't see as many. plus, i was greeting, so i was able to come in contact with a lot of folks walking in! what fun! we love our church and our church family. click on the video below to hear a snippit of the praise and worship before testimonies and baptism!

baptism pond
prayer after testimony
caroline getting baptised!