Wednesday, October 20, 2010

oh mary emma...

check out the necklaces...
probably 1983


bedside lamps...

Friday, October 15, 2010

ian allen photography

matt saw these in dwell and we loved them! it'd be so cool to have the first one printed big in our new living room!!! wow!
good colors
prayer flags... after an earthquake

love the aerial!

more cool photos from my cousin katie in greece!

more house updates!

it's getting C L O S E !!!!!
these show the floor sanded and primed, or something, but they will be dark stained, in the end!
out exterior lights!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

North Texas Food Bank

so i volunteered at the NTFB last monday, and will go again this coming monday!
it had just gotten to the point where i needed to add something of value to my day-to-day routine. the group of women were the Trophy Club women's club, and the 3 guys were from Dallas Baptist University, fulfilling school requirements!
after 3 hours that morning, i left feeling very fulfilled and that my time had gone to a good cause. it was not convenient, the traffic at that time of day and on that route was horrendous, but i managed, with the help of my iphone to take a short cut through oakcliff and get there just in time!
i tried to open up a little and talk to the women, several were Christians and had interesting stories of various mission trips. all in all, it was a good experience for me to expand my horizons!
i loved it...i started on the conveyor belt of loading one item per bucket and then for about 30 mins i separated grocery store bags, which we were loading the items into...(but i like bland tasks like that, as long as i'm being productive), then after our break i switched with a woman who was restocking the buckets we were picking from. it was great. i did somehow slash a pack or two of apple juice boxes... :/ so from then on out i just had to open everything by hand.
now to the nitty gritty.
the stats: after 3 hours, the 10 of us volunteers boxed up 99 boxes, with 7 bags per box equalling 693 bags and 2,390 lbs of food, which will provide meals for 1,867 children!

we were helping fulfill a feed the children program. it is a little different. none of the food was donated b/c it had to be equally distributed (every child had to get the same things) and a nutritionist was on site and planned the meals, but they were supposed to provide the 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) that the children would have gotten at school that maybe it's for the weekends or something, i can't exactly remember, but they were providing 10,000 meals!

it was a success!