Monday, January 31, 2011

fun weekend with my matty!

Well, we sure packed it in this past weekend. isn't it amazing how much fun you can have with your spouse when you just literally hanging out, making fun memories! i knew matty was about to be gone all this week, so we did lots:

Friday we had dinner at The Hacienda on Henderson with a coupon! yay! I love coupons, but we were stuffed afterwards.

then we went to the Angelika to see The King's Speech. it was so good!

Saturday we headed to the Dallas Zoo for $5 days and enjoyed the new Sahara part.

you could get really close to the giraffes!

this was behind glass, only about 3 ft from us...the zoo keepers must have just tossed some raw meat up there and this cheetta as the first to realize it! when another jumped up, he almost fought over it! so COOL!

amazing! just to watch his eyes and wonder what he's thinking...

Monorail! ehh! cool, but i don't know maybe save your $12.

then had lunch in oakcliff at Hunky's Hamburgers. stopped by a friends house and matt and him played on their skateboards for a little while, then rushed home to book our Hawaii trip!

Sunday, we went to watermark, ran errands, matt packed, i took a short nap and then we watched the SAG awards on tv!

matty was off early this morning to go shoot for Life Time Fitness in Scottsdale...

it's official...finally!

we're going to HAWAII!!!
we leave in only a couple weeks and had to wait due to scheduling for Matt's work...but we're going. we missed some good deals and i even lost out on a cool, boutique hotel opportunity, but what matters is that we're going and that we're going to be together, on one last big hurrah before the baby comes in June :)
the island of Oahu, is where we're going, to be exact. several peeps have said, "don't go there" but Matty and i are going anyways. he had some great referrals from a friend that i think was stationed there, who is also a photographer, who said he loves Oahu and just to get out of Waikiki and explore what the rest of the island has to that's our plan.
we are not even really beach people, but i love the idea of walking on the beach. and considering I'm going to be 5 months pregnant, we'll just have some great fun exploring for a week! we're excited to get away and enjoy some time together, making memories!
here are some of Trevor's photos from his blog, they are much better than anything found on the Internet...enjoy:

we plan to go to a Polynesian luau and even possibly whale watching, visit the Pearl Harbor memorial, go to the North Shore to watch some surfers catch some waves and explore the diamond head crater.
i really wanted to "swim with the dolphins" or pet them or whatever, but we realized you can't if you're pregnant:( that was a sad day, I've always wanted to get up close to a dolphin. we are excited about the whale watching, esp since we're going during the right season for it...but I'm a little nervous. i think i need to email the company b/c on their site, they said sometimes the whales swim up real close to the boat and have even swam under the boats before. not sure what i think about that. the last thing i want is to have a huge whale tip our boat over and land in the water with some of these:
or a giant one of these, for that matter.
I'd much rather spot them from a football field away.

oh and i don't want to see any of this happening either:
or be on the island, while a tsunami is heading that way :/
oh, the fears we have!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

18 weeks!

only 2 weeks from yesterday until we get to find out the sex! yay!

parker wanted in on the action! check out the crib. we were in the midst of assembly...we love it!
can you tell i want a baby to hold like this. i've been holding my cat this way for the past 4 years! but i think she likes it or has at least gotten used to it! :/

family photo!
the bumb's a growin'...

saturday with ellie...

oh we had so much fun, spending time with our little ellie! she's started crawling now and can even pull herself up and hold onto the couch! she is 7 months!
granny, reading to ellie! so precious! and she loved it so much she fell right to sleep in granny's arms with her music playing!
standing for us, against the couch! GO ELLS!
one of our favorites! uncle matty is quite the witty one! he does really good faces with ellie and this one was meant to be cause i was even able to snap the photo right as it was happening, a rarity with those delayed triggers and matty was able to make that yawn right when ellie made hers! go matty!
a cute one of them. ellie wasn't flashing too many smiles this day, not sure why!

oh and a BIG KISS for grandad! was a lucky guy he was!
mason and kelly were there too, but naturally we were entertaining ellie the WHOLE DAY! an afternoon nap in granny's arms and then she even stayed up past her bedtime to see us off that evening! "not tired!" - granny said as she brought ellie back into the family room, after seeing if she'd rock to sleep. ha, i think she just wanted to hold her a 'little' longer! granny loves her some ellie!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

been walking...

it feels so good to get out in the mornings! so glad i've committed to walking on a regular basis! i'm on day 8 tomorrow! 3 miles in 45 mins!
good for the baby!

Monday, January 17, 2011

S E V E N T E E N w e e k s . . .

this is just part of my OCD...posting pics we take weekly of the growth of the baby inside me!
sorry if it becomes too's kinda fun though to see the progression over time!
it's really starting to show! finally it feels real!


i got roses! i love getting flowers! they are so pretty. Phillip and Michael, who work with matt, stopped by to see our home and brought these to me, congratulating me on being pregnant!!!! so thoughtful!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


we get to find out the morning of February 7th!
yay! we can't wait!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

16 weeks pg

oh i forgot, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday. they couldn't find it a month ago, said the baby was way back in there, but did a sono then and we could see the heartbeat flashing, this was a relief to actually be able to hear it loud and clear. the nurse said the baby is active and already moving around a lot :/
yeah for the miracle of babies!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

14 weeks and 15 weeks pregnant!

i'm 16 weeks now...but wanted to get these up!
14 weeks

15 weeks

cool London Eye Photos...