Thursday, February 24, 2011

a walk in the rain...

well, i have really gotten off my walking routine. it all started with the snow week we had the first week in feb. then the next week matt was home from being gone for 6 days straight and it was messy weather again and we had some appointments. then we went out of town for a week. lack of walking in the start of the next week was due to not getting enough rest, so i was trying to catch up with that and then just playing ultimate catch up.
BUT today, i got back at it. it was even raining outside, but i insisted to at least try. i got out in the heavy drizzle with my raincoat on and went for it. it was nice, actually. kinda freeing! it did start to come down harder right in the middle, so i cut it short, but least got a little in!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

killer whales...

Well, i'm not sure what i think about sea world, or zoos for that matter, now that i've been whale watching out in the 'open sea'. yes it does come with it's risks, thank goodness we didn't encounter any, but when you DO get to see the wildlife, you feel such a sense of, "wow, we are in their territory!" you just trust whose taking you out and be smart and see what you see and it is a great sense of awe as you marvel at God's creation.
i LOVE SEA WORLD! so much! i think about it a lot. we went ALL THE TIME growing up with my mom, living in San Antonio, and i just can't wait to take my kids there. i know i still will, but it just like seeing a horse run free, it's hair blowing in the wind, no saddle on, no reins, just FREE. free to do what it wants to do, not contained.
to think about a tiger in a small cage, or a huge whale in a relatively small tank, i don't know, it just is sad.
i know these things are killer and hunt seals, etc. so i don't know if i think differently about the seals and penguins, having to live in such harsh environments, vs the comfort and security of the zoo? but i just wanted to post these pictures to show just how beautiful they are in their natural environments! check out the last one, not sure i'd be excited (probably a little more freaked out) with a killer whale swimming THAT close to our guide boat!) YIKES! that thing is NOT trained!

water thirst today on GMT, thanks angie!!!

how cool, so Matt and i are donating a piece of art each to Water Thirst Today event, taking place this sat night. tickets are $65 to get in and people will be bidding on the art from these artists.
anyways, they are targeting the fashion industry, with the hope of raising money for water wells in Africa! we got hooked up with it because Matt knows the lady planning the event through his industry. so if this stirs your heart, come out sat night from 7-10, to support this worthy cause!

above is a segment from Good morning Texas, that Water Thirsty Today was featured in this morning! turned out great and Matt's friend Justin Clemons' piece was talked about on air! awesome! also, you can see a sliver of my piece on right behind some other pieces on easels. our friend from church is a producer at GMT, so she was awesome to get this spotlighted!

cool baby and toddler rooms...

love this room...

getting this dresser...
love this rug...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hawaii - Waikiki and Luau - Monday

So we arrived in Oahu, Hawaii Sunday afternoon, for our Baby Moon!
Monday morning Matt took his first surfing lesson. he did great, but said it was very tiring on his arms! then we got ready, explored a little and went to a Luau! it was fun and we bought each other leis before hand! memories!
view from our 22nd floor hotel room!
matty shot
another matty shot
matty boy- going surfing!

going in...
heading out... it was at this point, when i realized i didn't say goodbye, give my husband a kiss or even pray with him. i was just sure there was going to be a shark sighting while my husband was in that water. thank the Lord there wasn't! and he had a great time!
catching a wave!
one of the statues on Waikiki where tourist lay their leis!
Diamond Head surfing area!
after we got leid!!!
close ups!
beautiful- i felt so special
on the bus, heading to the Paradise Cove Luau!
getting leid by the Polynesian Princess in her Coconut Shell Bra- yikes! later we noticed those things come in all sizes! pretty funny!
woo hoo...we had to buy this picture from Paradise Cove!
on the west side of the island at our Luau
Virgin Lava Flows and Pina Coladas! what fun!

this was the fire dancer!

Hawaii - Pill Box Hike and East Side - Tuesday

Ahh, the east side of the island...lush green! we loved it over here the best and were so glad we were told to head that way, by Matt's friend! we had fun taking picture with and of all our beautiful surroundings! after lunch, we took the Pill Box Hike and it was great. got to see down over Lanai Beach from up above. the rest of the afternoon we just drove around, explored more and Matt took pictures

tiny bay...
the windward side

love this one of Matty
pg picture
Kailua beach

our lunch spot. ordered at a window and took 45 mins to get our 1 flauta with rice and beans !
we took our Mexican Food lunch and ate by the beach and this little guy was so good and just came right up and joined us! he never got too close while we were eating or begged for when i'd had enough of my meal, i shared some rice with him! he had a tag and his name was Kona Kramer. i called and told his owner that he was sitting with us at the beach and she said, 'oh he does that he'll come home!' so we felt better about that!
Kona Kramer
Pill Box Hike trail head
matty boy!
wonderful view

it was very windy up there!

off limits signs did not stop matty
that was a steep hill he ran down!
outlook from the highway