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wish i could look like this again...

this picture was taken about 4 years ago...
i would love to have my hair cut like this again and be as trim as i was back then :/

alicia and dotty Rico at the Modern

love this...
perfect placement!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We gave a Traditional Well!

matt and i were so excited to be able to provide the funds, from our tithe last month, to supply a traditional well, for those in need of one...

"In countries like Malawi, a well just 60 feet deep can bring new health and life to a community of 150 people. The well your gift provides will be capable of supplying more than 600 gallons of safe water a day for drinking, bathing, irrigating crops, and watering livestock." - World Vision

pick something that YOU are interested in sharing and do so at World Vision...

me pumping water in Kumasi, Ghana exactly 3 years ago!

Eat Pray Love

just read it and enjoyed it! i don't read all that much so i was excited about this. can't wait to see the movie with julia roberts!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

we went and now we're back...(from Chicago)

well, it was a whirlwind of a trip...we enjoyed our time in the Windy City very much, celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary! it was not that windy, just hot. we packed thinking it was going to be cooler than it really was. we saw everything that we planned to see plus more! got to stay at the W downtown, go up in Sears tower, go to Greek town and get a gyro, see Harpo studio, see Cloud Gate and the pavilion in Millennium Park, see Wrigley Field, ride on the Chicago River via water taxi (only $2 vs the $25 it costs to get a tour), get a Cinnamon roll at Ann Sather's, get a deep dish at Giordano's, see Transformers being filmed on the street we were staying on, ride the El train, go to the waterfront, go to Lincoln Park Zoo (free), go to the Federal Money Museum and so much more!

just arrived! up on the El (elevated train)
typical Chicagoian...checkin' it out. scene of Transformers 3, guy jumping off Willis (Sear's) Tower

Cloud Gate in Millennium Park

have fun together on our 5 year anni
harbor in Lake Michigan!

night shot, where we ate Fulton's on the River
granola, yogurt, fruit and coffee breakfast at the W! that was fun!
Old timey, Quincey stop downtown
at the Lincoln Park Zoo, free; feeding the cows in the farm section! love them!
i want these 2 so bad! loved these rabbits, but they were sleeping the whole time...they wouldn't budge to come see us.
this was horrible/unbelievable...this baby bunny rabbit somehow got into the gorilla cage, and this guy was having way too much fun with it. at first we all totally thought he was just playing with it before having it for lunch, but the workers out front said that he would not eat it that he was just being entertained by it. thank God, cause that was really hard to watch. he would just grab the poor thing by its ears and dangle it around and then by its feet and do the same...then it'd pinch it btwn its thigh and keep it there so it wouldn't get away. 3 times we saw it escape, but the poor little bunny was so disoriented that it just hopped to the window and the gorilla came and grabbed it up again. it was so hard to watch.
i loved the cat house, but regret that we didn't get to see the Lions. they were going back to eat as we came up.

sleeping tiger!

cinnamon roll at Ann Sather's = delicious! thanks for the recommendation kathy!
Wrigley Field

having fun together with the timer!
gotta love it!
my 4th bunny encounter!
1. faux rabbit throw on the bed in our room
2. cute rabbits cuddled together in the farm area at the zoo
3. the poor baby bunny that got disoriented in the gorilla cage
4. this one that was just randomly there to make me smile, on the street, in a yard, eating all the pansies. :/
matt liked these buildings!
Fulton's on the River where we had our anni steak dinner

water taxi ride ($2!)

Harpo Studios!
set from Transformers 3 in downtown
loved staying at the W!
Quincy Stop

the El

Buckingham Fountain

Willis (Sear's) Tower
The Art Institute of Chicago

Greek Town

views from above!

YIKES! this took a lot of nerves for me to go out on that thing! i just DO NOT get how that thing is staying like that!??!

Federal Reserve Money Muesum. loved this. got to see the cube of $1 million dollars!
got free bags of shredded money and got free pictures of us standing next to a breifcase with $1 million in it!