Tuesday, May 11, 2010

green stamps

and one orange one...

Monday, May 10, 2010

my hope for this fall...

...we'll have to see how matt's schedule's looking & work around it...
i've always wanted to see the leaves change in the upper north east!!!
hope this week-long, road trip, works out... could be so much fun!!!

service day with Watermark!

we played out the literal meaning of church this sunday and set out to serve the surrounding communities!
our destination and mission: south dallas, cleaning up the neighborhood!!
matt was asked to photo document for the church! below are some of the ones i snuck into!!!
our foundation group friends, angie and jeremy were out with us as well!

mason and kelly's 1st baby shower!

what fun it was to be present at the FIRST baby shower, honoring my soon-to-be niece, Ellie!

mason and kelly have the sweetest friends, who were so gracious to throw a wonderful couples shower for them! so glad i was able to be there!

two more showers to come within the next month, before the late june arrival of the baby girl!
cute diaper cake!
kelly's old roommate Amy, made this delicious cake AND the cookies below!

kelly with Emma, her niece! she said she wanted a picture of Emma next to Ellie!
the Queen
opening presents! these were the cutest gifts, a little handmade dress, onsie, burp cloth and blankey all in the same CUTE fabric!!!
more fun things!
the girlfriends! they gave kelly a Kate Spade Diaper bag!
handmade bedding for baby Ellie from Kelly's grandmother
gifts galore!

me with mason and kelly.
not sure why kelly and i are sporting BLUE since it is going to be a girl? oh well!
it was a great time, had by all!!!