Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

oliver wilks hawthorne... my baby!

well, almost 3 weeks later, im finally getting pics up on the blog. the little one is letting me...i should probably be napping, but he is about to want to be fed, so i'll just write a quick bit and get back to tending to his needs! i made a smoothie today! that was surprisingly difficult to accomplish when the baby wants to be held all the time. but my patiences are growing as i remind myself, though this is a very hard, exhausting and trying time, he will only be this small and cuddly once and i have to enjoy as much of it as i possibly can! i love you so much oliver! thank you for coming into our lives!
in labor at the mall, trying to stay distracted and walk around some!
dr. shimer!
proud daddy!
dr shimer coming to check in on us!
skin to skin!
mason and ellie. oliver was born ON Ellie's first bday, so the cousins will share the same bday. june 23rd.
party time. even oliver wore a hat! thanks mason and kelly for bringing the party!

adoration! granny time! thanks mom for ALL you did to help out around the house! oliver loves you.
i love him too! i love kissing him!
perfect feet!

fussy little man

when grandad got to meet you for the first time!

we're trying to give parker the attention she needs too, but it's hard, getting easier as time passes!
look at that face!
i love it!

right before our first official outing! greek food for lunch! a couple days after he was born!
look at this!
our doula, julie, coming for a post partum visit! she was great!