Monday, August 30, 2010

E L L I E !

oh my goodness! i love her so much!!! you are looking at one happy aunt!

grandmother loves her so much!
oh the whole family, loves her so much!!!
oh zebra on the head! she loves when this zebra gives her kisses...
CUTE nighty from aunt jenny!

cute close up!


pictures from sweet caroline photography website...
love them! wanna go!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

art show I'm in... the University of Kentucky, connected to the Collage Book I was published in's all the artists from that show!


okay, so we've been so busy, but i thought i'd choose a couple pictures to show! we love the location of our new home to be! off audelia in the RISD area! yay!
we are so excited. the remodeling process is very tedious...
i am going to insert a very kind quote from a friend,
[congratulations! you are officially homeowners TODAY! praise The Lord for His providence!!! i cannot wait to see the before & after pictures. i know your attention to detail (and tendency to worry?), so i'll be praying that you and matt enjoy the process of remodeling... and that it stays relatively on-time. =)]
she knows me too well, i have already had to reign myself and my emotions in several's hard to not be in control...who am i kidding, this should be a big lesson for me, b/c i need to recognize that i am NEVER in control, the Lord is and i should be submitting and following him every day...

back to the house...enjoy the pictures, we're looking to be done by mid october...
house before
front tall plants we took out...

after with new windows
what we are looking to do with the exterior, not bushes but just gives an idea for now...
S O L D !
side tables...
these are all of matt's excellent blueprints!

our front door
cool Kilem rug from the middle east i got off ebay for our bedroom for $.99 but then add $30 shipping and $71 for jumped in costs overnight :/
beginning of interiors

matt acting like he demoed this kitchen
looking good!
pink bathroom
back bedroom

awning that we eventually had removed
they removed our fence prematurely, then hauled it off and brought it back, nice to know it was being used as a dumpster, don't know if we can even salvage it at this point?
checking it all out. we were wondering why there was no dumpster? they said it wouldn't fit, the next day, there was one in the driveway.

our new french door leading to the back. awning removed!

we went with a vaulted ceiling!

coming along. this is our new greatroom. we vaulted the ceilings and took out all the interior walls to make it one large room!
our little friend!
scott powell the contractor
new guest bedroom closets!

great room
issac and his crew unloading the cabinets for the house into the garage...
filling up!
wires! looks like something out of war of the worlds
hardwoods installed!