Thursday, June 25, 2009

ummm, i don't know what to think about this...

i don't know, for sure, yet, if we are going to get to go here, but i would LOVE to...
Santorini, Greece

check it...

it's not raining outside, it's quite nice, actually, but matt showed me this video last night, where the choir starts out simulating a storm, and it's pretty cool. it goes to that 80's song Africa, by Toto, ha, which i kinda also like! both videos are below. click here for lyrics...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

my work at Haven Botique...

check out my work installed at Haven in West Village. it should be up for at least another month, so stop by and check it out. Haven's located right next to Taco Diner. there's been some interest, so hopefully, i can get a sell! we'll see!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


this is such a powerful story...
i cry every time i watch it, think about it and am just amazed by people's faith.

so long freddie...

well, dallas had a pretty harsh storm last thursday morning...i think a small tornado might have swept through our area. the sky turned green, the winds were unreal, and the rain, thunder and lightening were crazy intense. we were left without power for 2 days.
day one i just dealt with it, not knowing when we'd get it back, but hopeful it was only a matter of hours. day 2 was slightly different. you see, building 1 was apparently on a different grid than us and got electricity back on after only 2 hours; so bringing back the camp-like feel, i strolled up to their small laundry room to blow dry my hair...
it was fun!
anyways, all this to say, my new friend, freddie, the turtle, is gone...i so enjoyed going by the pond, trying to spot him and say say, 'hello, freddie'. after the storm, we noticed the waters were getting really close to the edge and were worried about all the koy fish and freddie getting swept out...
then i really started to worry when i could not find him. normally i could spot him, even if it took a while and he'd swim up to say hi, (though i think all this time, his friendliness was really just to check and see if i had food with me). but i guess i'll never know.
a couple days later, he was still not to be found, and i spotted a smaller, spunkier turtle, swimming around.
it sure wasn't freddie, this guy was 1/3 the size and much more dramatic in his coloring...
he was skittish and fled quickly upon any move i made.
but he is cute and i guess i can get to like him, too, i just miss freddie.
later i discovered, the groundskeeper took freddie to a near by creek, b/c he, too, was worried the high water level might wash him out and then he'd risk getting hit by a car, on his slow trek to the nearby creek...
so, i will probably never see him again, but matt comforted me with a thought that a new, more exciting life awaits freddie every day now, rather than the same old thing, day after day in that small pond.
so long freddie.

like these...

especially the lion

excited about upcoming Europe trip...

matt and i have never been and are so excited to finally be able to say we are going...
i am in the midst of a lot of planning!
one stop we are excited about it Cinque Terra, Italy.
as display coordinator for Anthro, i remember Cinque Terra being the inspiration as one of our vignettes!

congratulations P M ...

this is Pastor Mohammad...a friend from our trip to Ghana. He started seminary 2 years ago, I believe, there in Ghana and just graduated! I found these pictures of him on our leaders blog and just had to share them! We are so proud of him. I believe he is still working locally on his ministry called Child Mobilization.

this is PM and his wife

and this is PM on our trip 2 years ago with Zak.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

it began with Bale...

Drawn from Water from Drawn From Water on Vimeo.

this is an amazing story, click to read the whole thing.

i have been attending this 5 week long class called Hope Lives at Watermark...we are 2 1/2 weeks in and there is a book to go along with it (so good).

it is a difficult study in that you read this book, as you would, any other based on poverty or assisting in aid and it becomes easy to get overwhelmed, Fast!

i am trying to just take it one step at a time, this time, and see where i can get plugged in... even if it is a small act, it is helping someone, somewhere and i am learning i don't want to get down thinking my little hands can't do enough to change anything.
i am trying to have hope, as the book is called Hope Lives, b/c without hope, or to feel hopeless, I've learned I'm assuming a godly position b/c God cannot be separated from HOPE.
He, rather, is the definition of Hope and all Hope comes from God, along with Love and Peace! instead of being hopeless for this intense situation, i need to rely, completely NOT on myself, or what I can do, but rather, on God and ALL the help and hope that He can give, through me, as His servant, His hands and His feet...

check out this video and story, once you've seen and heard, you become convicted and responsible.

"The only thing on this earth that's eternal is people-the only treasure that doesn't end when this earth does." -Amber Van Schooneveld

Sunday, June 7, 2009

featured on another blog, Not Paper...check it out!

it's so cool to be featured on these art blogs. check out my work on this one, called Not Paper!
Aprile has another blog called you are what you love.
on another note, i was featured in this cool online, magazine out of Paris, a while back...i'll have to see if i can find the link to post it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

featured on Aucoti's blog...

i have been asked to answer some interview questions by a couple of artistic bloggers. the first interview just got posted, so i wanted to share it with you all.
check out Aucoti's blog post about my work as an artist here!

where the wild things are...

i like this song, matt has it on his blog and i just found out who sings it: Arcade Fire and the song is called "Wake up".

Monday, June 1, 2009

a weekend of firsts...

Matt and i had a weekend of first...
we went to the new Trinity River Audubon on saturday morning. there was some cool architecture, but the trails were just - okay. we made it all the way through them in like 1 hour and didn't see much besides a few turtles, some dragonflies, a few birds and several yellow butterflies. it was cool to see, but we just felt like we could see more at white rock then there!

then on sunday, we got to go with my brother and his wife, to the Colonial! Our friend offered up 2 free passes! it was cool to be that close to the golfers and just to have the experience...BUT it was hot!

prom dress made out of coffee filters?

check this out...
it's an entire dress made of coffee filters!

"oximoronically referred to as Slave Castles"...

click on image to read article...

me and matt at Cape Coast

fishing mecca, as stated in the article

outside Elmina

inside Elmina

my mom sent me this article. it was interesting to see Elmina Slave Castle published! on our mission trip to Ghana, our first day was spent on an excursion to the Cape Coast, to tour the infamous and oximoronically referenced, Slave Castle.
it was hard to be there. it did seem like a Castle, but when you process the stories told on the tour of all the depravity and abuse, it was difficult to even be there. i can't believe we actually got to tour it!

'slave exit to waiting boats'

point of no return

i even did a piece on Elmina

inspiring watermark...

i love our church! it really is all about being the church, rather than just going to church!
this past week's sermon was all about just hearing from others who are investing their lives, here and now, in what really was encouraging... (to see the sermon, click here, and then go to 2009 Messages and the title is: Get in the Game: Joining Others Who are already Getting the Job Done.

the main point was that you don't have to go far to get involved. so many of us think that help is only needed abroad; and it costs a lot of money to lend assistance in that way. Watermark is so great at helping it's congregation see the need for help right here in Dallas, or wherever you are!

Next Sunday, 'Gary Haugen, CEO of International Justice Mission, will be talking about our responsibility to seek justice on behalf of the oppressed, and IJM's work to pursue justice for victims of slavery & sexual exploitation and other forms of oppression'. Should be interesting and anyone is invited to come, here are service times.

Todd, our minister, was sharing stories of people, who are giving, and just some real encouraging stories of where people's hearts are and how we can do the same!
it's all about investing in 'what really matters' not what we 'like' or 'find comfort in'.

i want to tell of what my mom did. two years ago, when matt and i went to Africa, my mom was celebrating her 60th birthday one month prior to our trip. she did a wonderful thing! instead of accepting gifts from her group of girlfriends, she asked if they'd instead provide funds, to be donated to the village we were traveling to. just like that we raised $800 to take to the Savelugu-Nanton Village in Northern Ghana. in the blog entry below, Paul Azeka, talks about what that $800 went towards! the village was able to be supplied with lighting along the path, connecting the health clinic to the living area! this is amazing. they've been without light for some time, making it a risky walk after dark, and those funds were able to supply them with the basics!

i love stories like these, when people with the tools, use their resources to provide for people without. it is all part of the "eternal perspective" outlook.
thank you again, mom!

i don't want to sound like i am preaching, or come across as a hypocrite, either. i struggle to get involved here in dallas. starting this week though, i am going to start attending a short 5-week study at watermark called Hope Lives. it is free and i assume it is just going to be a tool, to help us gain more knowledge on how we can get involved locally. i've had some past experiences that have caused me to be fearful of certain parts of dallas, and i hate that that is keeping me from serving here...but i am trying not to give up...

i, too often, feel pity upon those that are less fortunate. i want to instead feel compassion, which causes me to respond, actively and begin to make a difference! if we all pitch in, who knows what could happen!