Friday, April 30, 2010


who know's - but happy friday !
i like it...

Friday, April 16, 2010

w tucker

i like this guy's work!
he is from LA but has shown at Conduit gallery, where I have shown, in the Project room before...
check out more on his site...

types of heads and one nude

floating hat

stolen Twomblys and blue bird with cap


how he wished, wished for ... (the sea)

it's huge!

matty's second big banner!
the whole side of the parking garage on the access road of 75 at Mockingbird! (at Mockingbird Station)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Matt's first Billboard!

Matt shot for Mockingbird Station in Dallas! this one is located at the intersection of Garland and Gaston! Crazy enough, that is RIGHT by where we live, literally the closest billboard! we spotted it returning from a mountain biking venture and freaked out! it is so exciting!!!
we just heard that the HUGE sign on the side of the parking gargae at Mockingbird Station is up too, so we'll get more pics of that this afternoon after work!
Go Matty!

watch out, i am becoming quite the cook...

who would have thought... NOT ME!


Monday, April 5, 2010

greetings from GHANA!

It is always such a joy to get a letter from Adam or Azizu (my parent's sponsor child)!
this time we got pictures too! an added bonus!
we'd sent funds at Christmas and these photos show what all was needed most, and purchased!
love it!
ADAM! getting so tall. they bought roofing materials (which normally there are just thatched roofs on their huts!) and sticks of soap, some school supplies and pens and then some of the money went to his mother to be able to help start up a job for her to provide for the family too!
Adam (about to turn 17 this summer) with his mother
letter from Adam
Azizu Sulemana ( i think he is almost 10!) my mom loves him so much!

also in the photo...candies from Hedley, my parents sweet and cute old neighbor, it was for Easter and was wrapped in Santa wrap! gotta love it!

Easter Weekend!

we had a great time, relaxing at home, with my parents. ate some yummy food, including a long over-due indulgence in Steaks! yum!

went to see my friend Jana, who has to stay in a long-term hospital for 6 weeks, b/c she has an infection in her back they are trying to clear up with constant IV-antibiotics.

it was nice being home with my parents and we enjoyed a lovely Easter Service at First Pres. downtown and ran into some old friends down there as well.

Parker, at home, with her Easter Eggs
Matt and Parker
S C R A B B L E time! Matt slammed us in both games :(
me, aggie, parker and matty
relaxing at Bose while my dad looked around, these chairs are not the easiest to look at, style-wise, but they were AWESOME!
now this chair is easy to look at. Matt's dream Eames Chair.
Sarita Sharpe
Sarita again!
Agnes and Parker in the background
sleeping angel on the way home!
another one! :)