Monday, November 29, 2010

d r e a m i n g
AFRICAN wall cool.

merry christmas!

well, matty did his part...
i did mine...

and there you have it folks! merry christmas!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

L o n d o n . . .

what a great time we had...
matt had a shoot over in London and i was fortunate enough to be his stylist/assistant!
we made the most of every spare moment and stayed an extra couple days to see all we'd missed the last time we were there.
got back yesterday afternoon, just in time for THANKSGIVING DAY today, with my parents who are driving up to spend it here with us in our new home!
Portobello Market in Notting Hill. i found some great coin pendents!
all the fresh baked goods and fruits and veggies!

what was the 'blue door' of William Thacker's flat in the movie, Notting Hill.
artist matt's liked for the past 13 years or so...on a skate shop wall
4-D baby...we rode the London Eye and this was the pre-show

Big Ben and Parliament!
the CHANGING OF THE GUARDS! i missed this sadly last year, and was SO glad to see them in those fur bear skin hats! I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!!!
check out the masses! i had to get propped up by matty to get that first shot and then shove my way in to get a few closer ones...
this is matt patiently waiting behind so i could take it all in...
we went to the Lion King as a Birthday gift to me! loved it! (i made matt be in some of the photos!)
weren't supposed to snap shots, but i got this one. i cried at the beginning when all the animals came out...there was a huge elephant that must have taken like 10 people to control...and the giraffes were my favorite of all...
yummy burger joint next to the Lion King's theater we ate at
go World Vision and Volvic water...this was a 1.5 L bottle of water, but for every 1 L purchased, they are providing 10L of water for African countries: Ghana, Malawi, Mali and Zambia! i just discovered this after purchasing it. but was so excited since it is such a passion of mine and to see that it is with WV, who i am affiliated with AND that Ghana, of ALL countries was one listed that they are supporting!
check out a write up here...
matty found us this yummy breakfast spot on our last morning...The Breakfast Club.
Lloyd's Building. All the piping is external...

matty imitating me in front of St. Paul's
as we walked over the Millennium Bridge, the clouds began to part. it was pretty windy and cold the whole time, but we were lucky it didn't rain!
Cy Twombly!
Agnes Martin room
this was at the Saatchi gallery, pretty cool and free.

on a double decker, our last night!

the photo shoot went great, by the way.
no pics of it obviously, we were working...and sadly one other thing we didn't get a picture of was this awesome dessert THE GODFATHER and a cappuccino
that we had after a meal on monday:/

Thursday, November 18, 2010