Monday, August 8, 2011

polaroids matts taken

me pregnant, whoa!
cute diaper my mom wrote on at a baby shower.
front yard venture! a while back before it got too hot outside!
brother and sister

Howard the duck! double fisting it!
matt's uncle Bob and johnnie jo came to visit

along with the rest of their family!
walk time! oliver and i go on a walk almost every morning. about 30 mins and he does his tummy time! he sleeps the whole way!

daddy came out having dressed oliver and roller his long sleeves up cause it's too hot and had these sock monkey slippers on just for fun!

giggles and grins
love this so so much
daddy can sure make oliver smile!
too cute!

love him so much, i went to the dr this am and matt babysat and i actually missed my little boy for the couple hours i was away. it's finally getting to that point where it's becoming a little less difficult and more enjoyable being mommy! just required a little patience and time!

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